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Lockable gas springs are widely used devices in a variety of industrial and domestic applications, playing a fundamental role in the precise control of movements, providing safety and comfort in a wide range of situations. In this article, we will explore where gas springs with locking are used and what they are used for, highlighting their importance in various contexts and their impact on the optimization of mechanical systems.


Purpose of Lockable Gas Springs


Their main function is to offer stability and safety by locking the position of an object at a certain point during its movement. This is especially useful in situations where maintaining a specific position is required, such as in car seats, adjustable office chairs, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and door opening systems, among others. Lockable gas springs allow for customized adjustments, ensuring both comfort and safety in a wide range of environments and applications.


Where Can We Find Their Applications


Lockable gas springs are found in a wide variety of applications in various industries and environments. Some common examples include:


  • Adjustable furniture: They are used in office chairs, reclining armchairs, adjustable beds, and other furniture to allow for height and position adjustments with secure locking in the desired position.
  • Automotive: Gas springs with locking are used in car seats to provide height and reclining adjustments, as well as in car hoods and trunks to keep them securely open.
  • Medical equipment: They are used in stretchers and wheelchairs to adjust height and inclination, as well as in rehabilitation equipment to control movement safely during therapy.
  • Aerospace and defense industry: They are essential in the design of storage and compartment opening systems in aircraft and military vehicles, ensuring secure locking in extreme conditions.
  • Industrial machinery: They are applied in production and handling equipment to allow for position and angle adjustments with locking in the desired location, improving efficiency and safety in heavy machinery operation.
  • Urban and architectural furniture: They are used in benches, trash cans, light poles, and other elements to provide adjustable and secure functionalities in public spaces and urban environments.


These are just a few examples of the numerous applications where gas springs with locking play a crucial role in optimizing movement, safety, and comfort in a wide range of contexts.

Lockable gas springs in chairs
Lockable gas springs in the office

Gas Springs with Locking STABILUS: The Bloc-O-Lift Model


Unlike other models such as the Stabilus Lift-O-Mat, the Bloc-O-Lift model combines lockable springs at any point along the travel. On the other hand, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat springs focus on providing smooth and controlled movement in lifting and opening applications. These springs are commonly used in doors, car hoods, stretchers, and adjustable beds, among others.


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