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Variety of Models in Stabilus Gas Springs and Dampers:


Among all the models available, some of the most common ones include Lift-O-Mat, Bloc-O-Lift, Stab-O-Shoc, and hydraulic dampers. Unlike gas springs, dampers have a hydraulic component to actuate the movement.

Let’s delve into the characteristics of each model, outlining their features and the applications for which each is used:







This model is designed for lifting, lowering, and moving with the help of a spring that performs its entire stroke until the end of the movement. The high quality of these springs ensures a smooth and controlled motion throughout the entire range.

Advantages of this model include:

  • A wide selection of sizes, force variants, and end fittings
  • Compact design, requiring minimal space
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flat spring characteristic curve, meaning a low force increase, even for high forces or long strokes
  • Linear, progressive, or regressive spring characteristic curve
  • Variable locking mechanism (product-specific)
  • Locking in extended and compressed positions
  • Integration of additional functions like electrical switches, stop function, etc.

For more technical specifications about this model, you can visit this page, which explains in-depth how these springs operate.








Gas springs from the Bloc or Lift model are unique because they can be locked at any point in their stroke. These gas springs are commonly used in applications like adjusting the incline of seats in chairs or setting the height of armchairs. Gas springs with variable locking are available, either rigid or elastic in tension or compression, depending on the desired configuration.

A special piston/valve system, which separates the two pressure chambers in the spring, enables effortless variable locking. Releasing the valve pusher from the outside interrupts the exchange between the pressure chambers, and the gas spring locks, securely holding even heavy loads in the desired position. With the valve open, the linear spring characteristic curve of the Bloc-O-Lift gas springs provides a uniform force increase throughout the entire range of motion.

To learn more about its advantages and technical specifications, you can click on this page.









Unlike gas springs, STABILUS dampers operate using hydraulic technology, eliminating the need for maintenance and replacement parts.







In environments where resistance to environmental effects is crucial, especially in marine applications, this stainless steel gas spring serves the purpose of gas springs. Apart from the resilience provided by this material, it boasts an attractive physical appearance.

A practical example of the applications for this gas spring is in the doors and windows of boats, to withstand the corrosion of seawater. It is also used in industrial processes where the spring is exposed to acids or industrial fluids.

To learn more about functions and properties, visit the STABILUS page.

BULTZ: Official Distributor of Stabilus Gas Springs and Dampers in Spain and Portugal



For the past few years, we have been responsible for distributing Stabilus solutions in Spain and Portugal. In addition to our experience working with the German company, we provide support and technical assistance to companies adopting Stabilus gas springs and dampers.

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If your company needs spare parts or supplies from STABILUS, whether for replacing another brand or for a new application, our team of specialists will assist you throughout the process.



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