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  • Wide range of profiles
  • Manufactured with all kinds of materials; applicable in any industrial process
  • SEP gaskets cover a wide range of temperatures
  • Resistant, durable and of the highest quality



With a network of agents and distributors, we are responsible for distributing inflatable joints in Spain and Portugal. At BULTZ we help you choose the gasket that best suits the needs of your company: if your company has any problem regarding sealing (leaks, sealing problems in tanks…), do not hesitate to contact us.



Inflatable seals are used in various industries to achieve tightness and sealing in applications where the ability to inflate or deflate a seal in a controlled manner is required. Some of the industries where inflatable joints are used include:


  1. Construction Industry: They are used in the construction of bridges and structures to provide uniform compression during the concrete pouring process.
  2. Oil and Gas Industry: Inflatable seals are employed in sealing and pressure testing applications in pipelines and equipment, such as pipeline closures, plugs, and inflatable stoppers.
  3. Maritime Industry: They are used in boat repair, including bulkhead replacement or sealing watertight compartments.
  4. Water Treatment Industry: Inflatable seals are used in the construction and maintenance of structures like tanks, tanks, and pipes to ensure tightness and facilitate repairs.
  5. Automotive Industry: Inflatable seals are used in tire manufacturing and sealing systems for doors and windows.
  6. Aerospace Industry: They are used in applications such as pressure testing in vacuum chambers and sealing in propulsion systems.




Juntas hinchables contenedores


Some examples of specific applications of inflatable joints are:

  • Temporary closure of pipelines during repairs or maintenance.
  • Compression of concrete joints in bridge construction. Sealing of watertight compartments in ships and submarines.
  • Pressure testing on oil and gas pipelines.
  • Adjustment and sealing of gates and valves in water treatment systems.
  • Sealing tests in aircraft and spacecraft cabins.
  • These are just a few examples, and inflatable gaskets can also have other applications in various industries depending on specific sealing and compression needs.



El funcionamiento se basa en expandirse cuando se les inyecta aire comprimido y vuelven a su forma natural cuando la válvula libera el aire del interior.  Los rangos de perfiles y temperaturas que cubren son muy amplios, pudiendo adaptarse a trabajos de presión alta y baja.

Son perfectas para certificar el cierre hermético en procesos industriales, sobre todo en los que hay movimientos frecuentes de apertura y cierre de depósitos.


  • Silicone VMQ
  • Chloroprene CR
  • EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene)
  • FMVQ fluorsilicone
  • FKM fluoride rubber
  • Nitrile NBR
  • Styrene-butadiene SBR



You can explore the profiles of SEP inflatable seals on our website.


  • PRE and POST inflation dimensions of the seals.
  • Measurements and shapes provided in image format.



We are BULTZ, a company dedicated to the distribution of industrial products. Our mission is to offer quality and reliability solutions to various sectors of the industry. Within our wide range of products, we are proud to have a variety of inflatable joints from the renowned SEP brand.

SEP brand inflatable joints are highly valued in the market for their performance and versatility. Engineered with precision and using high quality materials, these gaskets are specially manufactured to adapt to different applications and needs in the industry.

Our catalog of SEP inflatable joints covers a wide range of sizes, shapes and characteristics, allowing us to satisfy the specific requirements of our clients. Whether in construction, oil and gas, marine, water treatment, automotive or aerospace, SEP inflatable gaskets offer a reliable solution to achieve sealing and airtightness in different industrial applications.

At BULTZ, we strive to maintain a close relationship with our customers, understanding their needs and providing specialized technical advice. We work closely with the SEP brand to ensure our customers get quality, reliable products that meet their specific requirements.


If your company needs new solutions in terms of sealing or if you have any questions about this type of joints, at BULTZ we will answer all your questions.