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The Stabilus Lift O Mat series gas springs allow loads to be raised or lowered in a controlled way. Exerting support forces for optimal weight compensation, they are very useful for industry and the automotive industry.

Unlike mechanical springs, the preset speed and damping make movements easy and safe for the user.


Stabilus lift-o-mat


Advantages of Stabilus Lift-O-Mat Springs


Among the advantages that we find when using the series of Lift o Mat springs, it stands out its quick and easy assembly, the wide selection of sizes, force variants and different connections that it offers.

You can visit the technical information of the product on the official website of Stabilus


Non-Lockable Gas Spring Applications


Given the aforementioned advantages, non-lockable springs have applications in countless sectors. In addition, within the Stabilus Lift O Mat series there is a wide variety of springs to be able to adjust them to each specific function.

Depending on the use, the type of shock absorber (with dynamic or hydraulic movement), the existence of the lock in the initial or final position (compressed or extended) or the material of the spring will vary.


Stabilus Stab-O-Mat


Stabilus Lift O Mat INOX Line

The Stabilus Lift-O-Mat line also offers stainless steel springs. The special characteristics of these springs guarantee a high level of protection against exposure to acids or alkalis, or when used in a critical environment, such as corrosive seawater or industrial air.


Stabilus inox line





Stabilus distributor in Spain and Portugal


At Bultz we are distributors of Stabilus in Spain and Portugal. if your company needs supplies in any of our brands, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a specialized team for technical advice and a network of agents throughout the Iberian territory to be close to the needs of your company. For any question our team of specialists will be willing to help you.

If you are interested in the Stabilus brand, but you think that the Lift-O-Mat series does not suit the needs of your company, visit our page to find out all the product lines and applications available to the brand.