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Gas springs for furniture, also known as gas dampers or gas struts, are devices used in a variety of equipment to provide support and facilitate smooth, controlled movements. They serve several important functions in the context of furniture, and here are some of their most common applications:Opening and Closing Doors or Lids: Gas springs for furniture are used in cabinets, storage beds, chests, and other pieces of furniture with doors or lids that need to be kept open or closed slowly and in a controlled manner. This prevents doors or lids from slamming shut, which could damage the furniture or cause injuries if someone were to catch their fingers.



  1. Seat Elevation: In chairs, stools, and benches, gas springs are employed to allow the seat to be raised and adjusted to different heights. This is especially useful in office chairs, barstools, and kitchen stools, as it enables people to adjust the seat height to their needs and preferences.
  2. Reclining in Chairs and Sofas: Some pieces of furniture, such as recliner chairs and reclining sofas, use gas springs to control the tilt of the backrest. This allows users to recline the seat smoothly and in a controlled manner, providing comfort and facilitating relaxation.
  3. Opening Murphy Beds: In wall beds or Murphy beds, gas springs assist in safely and effortlessly lifting and lowering the bed. This allows beds to be stored vertically against the wall when not in use and easily lowered for sleeping.
  4. Support for Desk Lids and Extending Tables: Gas springs are used in desks and extending tables to facilitate the lifting of tabletops, providing access to hidden storage compartments or expanding the workspace.


In summary, gas springs for furniture are functional components that enhance comfort and utility. They help prevent injuries, protect furniture, and make everyday life easier by allowing a variety of movements and adjustments in different types of furniture.

Gas springs for furniture
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The main differences between lockable and non-lockable gas springs are:


Position Locking: Lockable Gas Springs: They allow you to lock the position at a specific point. This is useful for keeping a door, lid, or seat in a fixed position without it closing or moving. (Visit Stabilus BLOC O LIFT models) Non-Lockable Gas Springs: They do not offer the ability to lock the position at a specific point and allow continuous, smooth movement. (Visit Stabilus LIFT O MAT models)

Adjustment Flexibility: Lockable Gas Springs: They offer the possibility of adjusting the position more precisely and customizing it because they can be locked in various intermediate positions. Non-Lockable Gas Springs: They provide constant movement without locking options, which may be preferable in applications where continuous movement is required.

Typical Applications: Lockable Gas Springs: They are used in furniture and equipment where a specific position needs to be maintained, such as reclining office chairs or height-adjustable beds. Non-Lockable Gas Springs: They are more common in applications where smooth and continuous movement is desired, such as opening and closing doors or lids without the need to lock them in a position.

The choice between lockable and non-lockable gas springs depends on the specific application and whether the ability to precisely fix a position is needed or a smoother, continuous movement is preferred.


Examples of Furniture Where Gas Springs Are Common:

Gas springs are common in a variety of furniture and equipment to provide smooth, controlled, and safe movement. Some furniture that often incorporates gas springs includes office chairs (for adjusting seat height), storage beds, reclining sofas and chairs (for enabling smooth movement of the backrest and footrest), height-adjustable desks, and car seats, among others.

These are just a few examples of furniture and equipment that frequently feature gas springs to enhance functionality and user comfort. Their use allows for a variety of controlled movements and adjustments, making these pieces of furniture more versatile and user-friendly.

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The Stabilus brand is widely recognized in the market for its expertise and reliability in manufacturing gas springs for furniture and other equipment. With a history spanning more than 90 years, Stabilus has established a strong reputation as a global leader in damping and lifting solutions, and its range of gas springs is a testament to its engineering excellence.

Stabilus’s extensive experience is reflected in each of its products. Their gas springs are precision-designed and manufactured to meet the industry’s most demanding standards. Whether for use in furniture, automobiles, industrial machinery, or any other field, Stabilus offers a diverse range of solutions that cater to various needs.

Reliability is one of the cornerstones of the Stabilus brand. Their gas springs are known for their durability and consistent performance over time. This means that customers can rely on Stabilus products to maintain their structural integrity and damping characteristics throughout extended use, resulting in a solid and trustworthy investment.

Furthermore, Stabilus’s offer is versatile and adaptable. They provide a wide variety of sizes, forces, and gas spring configurations to suit a broad range of applications. From lockable gas springs for furniture to gas springs for automobiles that facilitate the opening of rear gates, the Stabilus brand offers precise and reliable solutions.



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