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Features of Piston Accumulators

Piston accumulators are a type of hydraulic accumulator that uses a piston to store hydraulic energy. These devices are designed to store pressure energy in a hydraulic circuit and can be used to provide a source of pressure energy for various applications, such as lifting heavy loads or operating a hydraulic motor.


The main benefits of piston hydraulic accumulators are as follows:

  1. Much more compact than other types of hydraulic accumulators. This is especially beneficial in applications with limited space.
  2. Piston hydraulic accumulators can be used in applications that require high pressures.
  3. They do not require a safety valve.
  4. Higher efficiency than cylinder-type accumulators since the oil volume is smaller.
  5. More compact and have greater energy storage capacity.
  6. Piston hydraulic accumulators are easier to maintain and repair.
  7. Greater resistance to corrosion.


Lifespan of a Piston Accumulator

The lifespan of a piston hydraulic accumulator depends on various factors such as material quality, manufacturing precision, fluid quantity, fluid temperature, and fluid pressure. The typical lifespan is approximately 10 years.


Sectors in Which They Are Used

  • Automotive
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Industry
  • Mining



  • Energy storage
  • Energy damping
  • Safety applications
  • High and low-pressure work applications
  • Hydropneumatics
  • Boosting
  • Door opening systems



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