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Hydraulic accumulators are devices used to store energy. This energy is supplied to a system as needed, enabling its operation.

The pressure of the fluid inside the hydraulic accumulator can be provided by a spring, weight, or compressed gas.




  • Robust and versatile

HYDAC hydraulic accumulators excel in their function within hydraulic processes. They enhance energy efficiency and, composed of robust materials, protect hydraulic processes perfectly.


  • Wide product variety

The HYDAC hydraulic accumulator brand offers piston, diaphragm, or bladder accumulators. Depending on the intended application, in addition to choosing the most suitable one, hydraulic accumulators come with a wide range of accessories. Hydraulic accumulator accessories facilitate installation while complying with regulations.





Acumuladores hidráulicos de vejiga


Rugged, for high intake speeds. Available for a wide range of pressures.

Acumuladores hidráulicos de pistón


Piston accumulators can be individually determined by the diameter and volume.

Acumuladores de membrana


Membrane accumulator: These accumulators offer suitable pressure ranges for your application. Optimal sizing also makes it environmentally friendly.

HYDAC also offers various models for high, low, or standard pressures. You can view all the models on the manufacturer’s official website.






Advantages of hydraulic accumulators:


  • Energy efficiency
  • Long lifespan
  • Quick responses to hydraulic processes
  • High reliability


In addition to the mentioned advantages, there are accessories and spare parts available for accumulators, including replacement bladders, seal kits, and maintenance accessories. The benefit of this is that you can replace parts that may stop functioning, minimizing maintenance costs. It’s also worth mentioning the availability of testing and charging equipment provided by the manufacturer, ensuring that you know the product’s condition at all times.




Distributors of hydraulic accumulators in Spain and Portugal:



At BULTZ, we have been working in hydraulic technology and drive technology for over 40 years. Accumulators are widely used in hydraulic systems, and we understand that making the right choice and installation is key to reaping all their advantages.

To support this, we have a network of agents and distributors in Spain and Portugal to meet the market’s needs. If your company requires solutions in hydraulic technology, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more information about the products and brands we distribute, visit our website. For technical information about the product, visit HYDAC’s website.