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At BULTZ we are distributors of seals in Spain and Portugal. The Freudenberg Sealing Technologies brand provides us with a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers.

In the case of sealing, if your company needs seals, packings or oilseals in any process, at BULTZ we offer an agile and safe service. You can consult our entire offer on the Freudenberg page or on our website. Our team of specialists is in charge of choosing the most suitable one for each case and supplying them in very competitive terms.

Freudenberg oil seals

Freudenberg Oil Seals for large diameters (Steel industry, Naval and large machines).


At Bultz we sell large diameter seals for a wide range of needs and sectors.

We work with the main firms in the market, and below we expose part of our range.


  • Automotive with metal core and simple lip in NBR and Viton.
  • With metal core and double lip in NBR and Viton.
  • Automotive metal with single and double lip.
  • Automotive in special profiles.
  • Special SIMRIT/MERKEL in NBR and Viton for Steel and Lamination applications.
  • of the type RADIAMATIC R 35, R 36, R 37 and R 58.
  • Special SIMRIT/MERKEL in NBR and Viton for Steel and Rolling applications at high speeds, type RS 85 and RHS 51.