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Types of Hydraulic Filters and Their Applications

In this post, we will explore and discuss the various types of hydraulic filters available in the market and the sectors in which they are used. HYDAC filters and filtration systems make it possible to maintain the quality of oils and fluids, which is crucial for the safe and cost-effective operation of facilities.

HYDAC has been manufacturing solutions for hydraulic technology for decades. Their filtration solutions are effective and secure for hydraulic oils, water, fuels, and other fluids. Hydraulic filters of all types hold a central position in their product range. Among the types of hydraulic filters available are high-performance hydraulic and lubricant oil filters, as well as process fluid filters.

For the optimal preservation of these fluids, they also offer a multitude of intelligent monitoring solutions. This ensures they meet market demands, enabling the economical and reliable operation of plants. All their applications, developed in laboratories and put into action in hydraulic equipment, meet all quality requirements.


Types of Hydraulic Filters:


  • Inline Filters
  • Block-Mounted Filters
  • Tank-Top Return Line Filters
  • Suction Filters
  • Return/Suction Filters
  • Low Flow Filters
  • Ventilation Filters/Dryers
  • Filter Elements
  • Contamination Indicators
  • Process Filters
  • Fluid Conservation Systems
  • Diesel Fuel Filters


Sectors and Applications:


The versatility of HYDAC Filter Systems’ products allows them to be used in a wide range of industrial sectors, including:


  • Steel Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Plastic Industry
  • Power Plants
  • Automotive Industries
  • Machine Tools
  • Machinery
  • Offshore Installations
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Electrical Installations
  • Mobile Hydraulics


The types of hydraulic filters mentioned are utilized in different systems. Two types of filtration systems can be distinguished based on the mobility of the installation: Mobile and stationary filtration systems.


1. Mobile Filtration Systems



Mobile filtration systems are extremely convenient for performing maintenance tasks in various facilities. These systems are used to separate solid particles, offering several advantages:


  • Clean filling and flushing
  • Flexible use in different facilities
  • Main flow filter discharge
  • Increased availability of facilities
  • Reduced lifecycle costs

These filtration systems are highly useful as they allow maintenance work to be carried out in more than one installation.



2. Stationary Filtration Systems



A wide range of equipment and instruments are installed in fixed circuits. HYDAC’s stationary filtration systems are designed to separate solid particles, with or without integrated fluid sensors.


  • Secondary flow filters for working filtration
  • Easy retrofitting in existing installations
  • Main flow filter discharge
  • Increased availability of facilities
  • Reduced lifecycle costs



Complementary Products




HYDAC offers a wide variety of complementary products for all types of hydraulic filters. There are three main groups of complementary equipment.


1. Filter Elements

The extensive product range provides different types of elements for numerous bypass filters. These elements are used to separate solid particles and water, available in the form of deep bed and surface filters.

Elementos filtrantes Hydac

2. Measurement and Analysis Systems


HYDAC offers a wide range of user-friendly measurement and analysis systems. Whether you need to deal with solid particles or liquid contamination, require sporadic checks or a fixed installation, work in challenging environments or a laboratory setting, we have the right tools for every application: fluid sensors, sampling systems, laboratory equipment, software, and controls.

Medición y análisis HYDAC


3. Hydraulic and Electrical Accessories



For the easy and quick integration of HYDAC products into your system, we offer a wide range of hydraulic and electrical accessories.


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