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NBR (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber): Characteristics and Service Life


NBR is an abbreviation, often taken from English, which stands for Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. The material characteristics of NBR make it highly suitable for sealing solutions, such as gaskets and seals.


Characteristics of NBR Material


NBR is known for its remarkable mechanical properties and resistance to abrasion. It is widely used in the manufacturing of high-precision components, but its most common applications include seals, bearings, packings, and expansion joints.

  1. Toughness
  2. High resistance to abrasion and high temperatures

The latter characteristic is particularly crucial for industrial processes, where fluids may reach elevated temperatures, demanding the seals to exhibit high resistance to ensure proper sealing.


Service Life of NBR Seals


The service life of a seal depends on various factors, primarily the environmental conditions in which it operates. Factors like high or low temperatures and the number of hours in operation play a significant role in determining the service life.

As mentioned earlier, NBR material is ideal for enduring high temperatures and ensuring effective sealing. However, working under such conditions can place higher demands on the seal’s quality.


Sealing Solutions at BULTZ: Freudenberg Preferred Partner


At BULTZ, we collaborate with Freudenberg to provide sealing solutions to our client companies. We proudly hold the title of Freudenberg Preferred Partner, which represents the highest level of partnership for distributing their products in Spain and Portugal.

Furthermore, they offer a search feature on their website to help you find the seal that best suits your company’s needs.

Freudenberg Preferred Partner