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What are linear electric actuators?


Linear electric actuators are devices that convert the rotary motion of a motor into linear motion. These actuators cover a wide range of loads and speeds.


Types of actuators


There is a great variety of products, as customizations of actuators are endless for each industry. We can differentiate the following groups:

  • Linear actuators: They cover a wide range of loads and speeds. There are parallel ones, L-shaped ones… to be able to apply them to any need.
  • Electric columns: Electric columns with great robustness.
  • High-performance actuators: The high performance that some linear actuators can offer makes them customizable for any sector.
  • Controls: Control boxes, remotes, and accessories for actuators.

Actuadores eléctricos


How to choose the ideal actuator for your company?

The choice of a linear actuator is of vital importance for its installation. The factors to consider when choosing the right one are as follows:

Required load and direction of operation Available space in the system Speed Environment and duty cycles.


Applications in various industries


Electric actuators can be found in applications in various industries, including:

  • Agricultural Machinery: Harvesters, seeders…
  • Construction and Industrial Machinery
  • Healthcare and Personal Care: Adjusting hospital beds, wheelchair adjustments.
  • Furniture and Home Use: Adjusting recliners, sofas…
  • Electric linear actuators create stable and precise back-and-forth motion. These devices have numerous applications. If the process involves pushing, pulling, lifting, or sliding, a linear actuator can be a key element of the solution.




Electric linear actuators are highly customizable for each sector. Brands, in addition to their extensive experience in the field, work with specialized engineers to design actuators that fit each specific case.

As mentioned earlier, it is a very versatile product, requires minimal maintenance costs, and is applicable in many industrial processes.


Distributors of electric linear actuators: BULTZ


If your company needs electric actuators, whether they are columns, controls, high-performance linear actuators, Bultz is a distributor of these products in Spain and Portugal. If you have any questions about them, our team of specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable product for your case. We have a network of agents and distributors on the Iberian Peninsula to provide an agile and reliable service.

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