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One of the most common issues in the field of sealing is often ensuring a tight seal at all times. Inflatable seals play a crucial role in making seals effective, preventing external particles from entering.

Inflatable seals, unlike other seals, certify an airtight closure, which is essential for industrial processes in various sectors.


Inflatable Seals: What are they used for?


Inflatable or pneumatic seals are a common solution in the market due to the resistance and safety they offer. Their operation is very straightforward, as we will explain below.

Applications in all industry sectors

Inflatable seals are prominent in all industry sectors. They are used for lifting surfaces, in mills, containers, sealing aircraft access doors, clean rooms, and isothermal chambers. They are also essential in the manufacturing and maintenance of autoclaves and sterilizers.

Operation of inflatable seals

The operation is based on expanding when compressed air is injected into them and returning to their natural shape when the valve releases the air from the interior. They cover a wide range of profiles and temperatures, making them suitable for high and low-pressure tasks.


Materials of inflatable seals


Pneumatic seals are made of various materials, depending on the intended application. The materials most commonly in demand in the market often include:

  • VMQ Silicone
  • CR Neoprene
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber)
  • FMVQ Fluorosilicone
  • FKM Fluoroelastomer
  • NBR Nitrile
  • SBR Styrene-Butadiene Rubber

The multitude of options available in the market allows them to adapt to various sealing needs, with a simple operation.

ISO-FLATE Certification: Assurance of SEP Product Quality


The inflatable seals from the Specialized Engineering Products (SEP) brand are ISO-FLATE quality certified, thereby confirming that their products surpass all quality tests and controls.

Iso flate certificate inflatable seals SEP

For marine applications, such as those on ships, SEP inflatable seals offer exceptional resistance to waves and saltwater. The brand’s 3D modeling technologies allow for custom solutions for each application. There is also a wide variety of designs and profiles available to adapt them to the most popular applications.

In the catalog, different models are featured to meet your company’s needs in any application. There is a direct relationship between engineers and the technical team to design and manufacture the seal that best suits the specific process.


Guaranteed High Performance:


Stringent quality controls enable exceptionally high performance compared to the competition. The conditions that sealing products endure can be demanding, with varying temperatures, fluids, and work environments. The ISO-FLATE certification provides confidence when selecting the inflatable seal that will perform best for our company. Greater reliability, adaptability, and durability are significant advantages offered by the SEP brand.


Inflatable seals




Pneumatic Seals for Static Sealing at BULTZ


At BULTZ, we have partnerships with top-tier manufacturers in the field of sealing, allowing us to offer the best solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

We provide a swift and secure service, along with a wide range of options in our seals. With a network of agents operating nationwide, we adapt to what your business requires, no matter where you are.

If your company needs new sealing solutions or has any inquiries about these types of seals, BULTZ will address all your questions. As distributors of the brand, we offer your company technical guidance to find the product that best suits specific needs.

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