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What are hydraulic flow meters?


Hydraulic flow meters are specially designed for use in hydraulic systems and other fluid techniques. They operate on the principle of turbines, measuring the rotation speed of a paddlewheel within the flow and converting it into an analog signal.

Their primary function is to measure the flow of water passing through a pipe.





Hydraulic flow meters consist of a metal housing that contains a pump, a control valve, and a safety valve.






Hydraulic flow meters are used in various applications, from monitoring wind energy and boiler management to measuring water flow in irrigation systems. Hydraulic flow meters find applications in various areas, such as:

  1. Wind energy monitoring
  2. Boiler management
  3. Water flow measurement in irrigation systems
  4. Monitoring water turbidity
  5. Water pollution control
  6. Fluid flow measurement in the petrochemical and chemical industries



HYDAC Hydraulic Flow Meters




HYDAC offers various flow transducers and flow switches to record volumetric flow rates in machines and installations (see brand’s page).


  1. Flow transducers

The EVS 3000 series flow transducers operate on the turbine principle, measuring the speed of a paddlewheel rotating within the flow. Depending on the model, there are connection openings for pressure and/or temperature transducers. The HFS 2000 / HFT 2000 series flow meters / flow transducers are based on the principle of the position-independent rotameter.


Caudalímetros hidráulicos
  • EVS 3100 (for oils / viscous media)

  • EVS 3110 (for water-based media)

  • HFT 2100 (for oils / viscous media)

  • Electronic flow transducers for potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • HFT 3100 (flameproof housing) HFT 3110 (intrinsically safe)

2. Flow switches

Electromechanical flow switches for general applications:


  • HFS 2100 (for oils / viscous media)
  • HFS 2500 (for water / water-based media)
  • HFS 250 (for water / water-based cooling lubricants)
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