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O-rings in various hardnesses and materials, for common and special applications.


How do Freudenberg o-rings work?


O-rings are rings that serve to ensure the tightness of fluids in industrial processes. They exist in different forms, although the most popular and used are the circular ones. The optimal closure is achieved with the deformation of the seal that is crushed by both parts of the seal.

In order for the seal to be perfectly adapted to a process, the dimensions and material of the gasket must be precisely calculated.


Freudenberg O Rings

Suitable for static and dynamic sealing


O-rings are versatile in their use, since they can be used in static processes (ensuring sealing at all times) or in processes in which there are opening and closing movements.

Although they are used for both processes, they require careful attention when selecting and installing them, since misuse of them can have negative consequences for the company.


Temperature support


One of the differential characteristics in a seal is the ability to withstand high temperatures. The fluids inside (whether they are liquids or gases) are subjected to high temperatures, exerting pressure that the seal has to withstand to certify the closure. For this, as we have explained previously, the correct choice of the O-ring is essential.

Below we list some of the most popular families:


Seals availability


At BULTZ we have V-Ring seals, available in all kinds of diameters.



Also for joints used in hydraulics and in different materials: PV, PTEF (for high speeds), NBR, FKM, HNBR, PVR, POM.


O-ring families

The seals are available in different materials and in all types of hardness, which allows adaptation to many industrial applications. They can be found in hardnesses of:

  • 70 Sh and in NBR and Viton materials.
  • 80 Sh and in NBR and Viton materials.
  • 90 Sh and in NBR and Viton materials.
  • O-rings in EPDM material.
  • Silicone of different hardnesses, from 40 to 90 Sh.
  • Special O-rings in various materials (PTFE, KALREZ, etc).
  • Quad-rings with a hardness of 70 Sh and in NBR material.
  • NBR material back-up rings.
  • Back-up rings in PTFE material.


Seals distributor for your company:


At BULTZ we offer all this and many more sealing solutions. Hand in hand with the Freudenberg brand, we cover the needs of our customers in Spain and Portugal.

In addition, we offer advice to choose the references that best suit each particular case. At BULTZ we have very experienced professionals and distributors in terms of sealing to be in constant contact with the needs of the market.