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The Freudenberg brand gaskets serve to seal the machined faces well between them to prevent liquid leakage. They are widely used products in the industry.

The gaskets of the German firm Freudenberg offer all kinds of sealing solutions, whether static or dynamic. With all kinds of models at your disposal, at Bultz we distribute your products in Spain and Portugal




Gaskets have been used for many years in sealing. The need to seal closures is of vital importance in an industrial process. The gaskets certify the closure of two mechanical faces, so that the fluids inside do not leak at any time.


Versatility in static and dynamic sealing


The utilities of the packings expand both to static processes (maintaining the closure at all times) and to those that exist constant closing and opening movement. This makes gaskets widely used in companies from different sectors.

Freudenberg gaskets



The quality of Freudenberg Sealing Solutions



At BULTZ, we collaborate with one of the leading brands in the sealing industry: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. With a proven track record of delivering top-notch solutions to the market, they offer a wide range of products across their lines to meet any of our customers’ needs.



Freudenberg Preferred Partner

We also proudly hold the title of Freudenberg Preferred Partner, a recognition from the company itself. If your company requires suppliers for Merkel gaskets, Simrit seals, or any other sealing solutions, our specialized team will guide you in selecting and installing the appropriate products.

You can visit the manufacturer’s website or explore our webpage for more information about the brand and its products.




Freudenberg Sealing Solutions for:


  • Static and dynamic seals.
  • High-temperature applications.
  • Various materials including fibers and impregnations (PTFE, Carbon, Graphite, Aramid, …)
  • Freudenberg seal rings cut to custom dimensions as per requirements (contact us for size inquiries).





Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Website