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The Ewellix CASM-32 linear actuator is one of the high-performance linear actuators available from the brand. These actuators, as the name suggests, have the ideal conditions to replace pneumatic and hydraulic systems in the industry.

Unlike other models, these actuators can operate continuously for long periods, making them suitable for industrial processes that sometimes never stop.




Advantages of using linear actuators in the industry:



  • Ideal for a wide range of force, speed, and durability requirements
  • Mechanically adaptable to most applications
  • Easy replacement of pneumatic cylinders
  • Precise positioning


Technical Specifications: Ewellix CASM 32

  • Modular system with 3 different sizes and 3 types of screws for each size.
  • Inline and parallel gearboxes (belts) with motor adapter plate.
  • Complies with ISO-15552 standards.
  • Wide range of accessories.
    Ewellix CASM 32

    Ewellix CASM Electric Cylinders: Ideal for Rapid and Powerful Linear Movements




    Ewellix CASM electric cylinders are perfect for fast and powerful linear movements. Unlike hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, CASM electric cylinders are flexible and can be precisely positioned.

    Their modular concept allows for easy integration into any control system and preferred motor, significantly reducing design and programming costs. Thanks to high-quality materials and an IP54S-rated sealing system, CASM electric cylinders can be used in the long term, even in adverse conditions.

    The low-clearance design provides positioning accuracy of up to ±0.01 mm. Combined with various screws for different speeds and forces, CASM electric cylinders are the ideal solution for a variety of applications.




    Ewellix Resources


    In Ewellix’s YouTube channel, you can find valuable video content to learn about their products, models, and applications. You can also visit our brand’s webpage to explore all the electromechanical solutions offered by the company.