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What Are Diaphragm Accumulators?


Diaphragm accumulators are devices that store hydraulic energy using a diaphragm that separates two fluid compartments. The diaphragm allows fluid to move from one compartment to another but prevents them from mixing. These devices are widely used in applications that require energy storage, such as automotive, aviation, marine, and solar energy.


Purposes of Diaphragm Accumulators


Diaphragm accumulators serve to store hydraulic energy in a hydraulic circuit and use it when needed. They also help protect the hydraulic circuit from pressure spikes and dampen system vibrations.



Diaphragm accumulators are typically constructed with a stainless steel body, an NBR or butyl diaphragm, and a purge valve.



Various sectors use diaphragm accumulators, including the chemical industry, energy, mining, oil and gas, among others.

Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Accumulator

  • Allows equipment to operate with higher efficiency.
  • Reduces noise levels and shortens cycle times.
  • Increases equipment lifespan.
  • Lowers operating and maintenance costs.


Explore All Types of Accumulators

In addition to diaphragm accumulators, there are other types of accumulators used in the industry. At BULTZ, we distribute the HYDAC brand in Spain and Portugal.