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What Are Bladder Accumulators?


Bladder accumulators are a type of hydraulic accumulator where energy is stored in a rubber bladder or plastic bladder. The bladder is filled with oil, and when hydraulic pressure occurs, the bladder expands and stores energy.


Features of Bladder Hydraulic Accumulators


The accumulator cylinders are mounted on a flat surface and contain a rubber bladder separated from the metal by a diaphragm.

The fluids they store are in direct contact with the rubber diaphragm. They are generally filled with mineral oil, although sometimes other fluids like water are used. Bladder accumulators can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to fit a wide range of applications. They are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and can also serve as pressure regulators.

Differences Between Types of Hydraulic Accumulators:


Bladder hydraulic accumulators use a rubber bladder to contain the fluid, while piston accumulators use a cylinder to contain the fluid.

They also require a purge valve to drain the fluid, whereas piston accumulators do not require any purge valve. Bladder accumulators are cheaper and easier to install than piston accumulators.

Diaphragm hydraulic accumulators operate similarly, but instead of a bladder, they have a diaphragm that inflates to store the fluid.


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