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Benefits of Using Electric Linear Actuators


Linear motion actuators are devices that convert the rotary motion of a motor into linear motion, as we discussed in a previous article on our blog.

In this article, we will delve into the benefits of using electric linear actuators in your business and the industry as a whole. With the advantages these actuators offer, we can see how they are already being used in some industries to replace hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

There are several differences between electromechanical equipment and hydraulic (or pneumatic) systems. In the following section, we will mention nine of these advantages.



9 Advantages of Using Linear Motion Actuators


Among the advantages of using this type of product instead of hydraulic systems, we can highlight:

  1. Greater control and precision
  2. Higher performance
  3. Lower maintenance costs and time
  4. More power in less space
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Improved energy efficiency
  7. Long service life
  8. Low noise pollution
  9. Easy and fast installation


In the following image found in this manufacturer’s catalog from EWELLIX, a comprehensive comparison is shown in all aspects (Source: Ewellix.com).


Actuadores de movimiento lineal ewellix

Types and Common Applications of Linear Actuators


Electric linear actuators stand out due to the wide range of loads and speeds they offer. They can handle loads ranging from 0.5 kN to 12 kN, with numerous models available in Ewellix’s catalog. The speeds they offer range from 5 mm/s to 150 mm/s. The broad range of loads and speeds makes them easily adaptable to specific needs.

High-performance linear actuators are also present in their offering. Their performance in terms of speed, force, and stroke makes them ideal for fast and powerful linear movements.

We can group the applications of these linear motion actuators into four main sectors.



  1. Assembly Automation

    • Metal joining
    • Material handling
  2. Medical and Healthcare Sector

    • Surgical equipment
    • Imaging and treatment equipment
    • Dental care equipment
    • Childcare equipment
    • Ophthalmic equipment
    • In-vitro diagnostics (IVD)
    • Rehabilitation and fitness equipment
  3. Mobile Machinery

    • Agricultural machinery
    • Construction equipment
    • Forklifts
    • Cranes
    • Commercial vehicles
  4. General Automation

    • Rubber and plastic industry
    • Food industry
    • Woodworking machinery
    • Semiconductor industry
    • Material forming
    • Pick and place equipment
    • Entertainment, simulators, and testing equipment
    • Additive manufacturing


These versatile linear actuators find applications in a wide range of industries, thanks to their adaptability and performance.

The Importance of Quality and Safety When Acquiring a Linear Actuator



Ewellix is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of linear actuators, ensuring a guarantee of quality for your company. In addition to the mentioned load capacities and speeds, they pay attention to the smallest details, setting them apart when it comes to using Ewellix linear motion actuators.


On one hand, the silent operation of these actuators is a primary requirement in the medical sector. In medical equipment that includes linear actuators, the last thing you want is to introduce a distracting stimulus to a patient. It is also crucial that the movements of these devices (whether they are stretchers, tables, etc.) are safe and smooth to provide a better patient experience.


Ewellix, with its specialized models for each application, takes care of all the details compared to the competition. You can find the technical specifications for each of the actuators on the official Ewellix website.

Quality and safety are paramount when selecting a linear actuator, and Ewellix excels in both areas, particularly in demanding sectors like healthcare.


EWELLIX and Its Partnership with the SCHAEFFLER Group


In early 2022, EWELLIX joined forces with the SCHAEFFLER Group to enhance the value of all their products and models. You can find the news article on this partnership here.

Ewellix Schaeffler
Schaeffler ewellix



How to Choose the Linear Actuator That Best Fits Your Company’s Needs



On the Ewellix website, you can find numerous resources such as the actuator search tool and the virtual room where you can specify the environment in which it will be used. At BULTZ, in addition to distributing Ewellix products in Spain and Portugal, we provide guidance when selecting the best linear motion actuator for your company. Visit our brand page to learn more or get in touch with us.